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Donnie and Tammy have been around hunting for most of their lives.
Donnie was a young hunter venturing out with family and friends to hunt various animals with a rifle, shotgun or bow.

Donnie had invited Tammy to go hunting with him many times but she always declined to go. Being persistent Donnie as again November 2002 and Tammy agreed to go out for an evening hunt. Nestled in a tent blind on the edge of a open field, Donnie informed Tammy about the deer he as been patterning. He knew where the deer come from, where they cross the filed and were they will end up and if everything worked out they would be only 17 yards in front of them before dark. Like clockwork the deer did just that and Donnie arrowed a nice Texas Hill Country buck with his wife by his side.

This episode changed their lives forever! Now Donnie, Tammy and their boys are hitting the woods together as a family every chance they get.

 After a few hunts together their two youngest boys were toted to the woods as well. Colby and Alec have been in camouflage and hunting blinds from
the young age of 18 months.

3-D tournaments led the way for more times shooting bows and being outdoors. Colby and Alec both have become rather
good on the archery range and shooting 3-D targets.
In fact Colby became so proficient with his practicing that at the
age of eight he arrowed his first deer with his bow.

During the off season everyone enjoys going to 3D competitions to
keep their shooting skills honed.
Donnie is a natural when it comes to shooting traditional equipment as well.

Donnie, Tammy and Colby have
numerous first place finishes
and countless top three finishes in their 3-D divisions.

It is no doubt that the family has a special interest in bowhunting, being together in the woods, around the campfire or teaching archery to others.

As Donnie and Tammy continued their archery passion they became interested in teaching archery. Tammy became a National Archery in the Schools Basic Archery Instructor Trainer (BAIT) and Donnie became a Basic Archery Instructor (BAI).

Together they have brought the sport of archery to well over 2500 kids since they began teaching archery in schools and summer camps.

Donnie and Tammy are always willing to talk to those people that are interested in getting into bowhunting and share what they know to help a beginner out.

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