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"Enjoy the Outdoors with Family and Friends"

South Texas DeerThe Rising Sun Outdoors team was created with family and friends in mind. We truly enjoy sharing time in the outdoors family and friends as we pursue of a variety of game across Texas or any where else we travel.

No matter if it is deer hunting in the hills of the Texas Hill County, stalking javelina through in the mesquite brush of South Texas or ambushing hogs in the Piney Woods of East Texas we are always looking for great hunts to share with our family and friends. 
Javilena Hunting
Although bow hunting is our passion we also enjoy camping and fishing and we are always interested in sharing hunting and fishing stories around a campfire.

We are also dedicated to teaching archery to kids, women and anyone else that may be interested in the sport.
Archery Lessions
We have been very successful in bring NASP to physical education classes, summer camps, bereavement and other groups for the past few years.

Archery, bowhunting and the outdoors is our passion and we want to introduce it to others so they to can enjoy it.

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Texas Parks and Wildlife
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Hunter's Education
National Archery in the Schools Program
Texas Parks and Wildlife Archery
Texas Youth Hunting Programs

If you are in the Central Texas area and in need of Basic Hunter's Education Class or
you would like to have archery at your next camp, in-service, etc.

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