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Magnus Broadheads: Stinger and BuzzCut
By: Donnie Rodriguez



Type the words “Which Broadhead?” on any bowhunting/ archery message board and you will get an array of responses from people that proclaim the broadhead they are using is the best…no reasons, just because that is what they feel. Of course people also want to know why the broadheads should be used over another and want to hear about successful hunts with the broadheads that are used.

When I started looking for a new broadhead to use I wanted something that was cut on contact, razor sharp out of the package, strong, has four blades, has blades that can be replaced or sharpened by hand, has one-piece screw-in body, and comes in at least 85 grains.

During my search for the right broadhead for us I came across Magnus Broadheads. I heard they had a new line of broadhead called the Stinger broadheads. These broadheads appeared to be what we were in need of. I contacted Mike Sohm, CEO at Magnus, about his products and in no time we received our first packages of Stingers in both 85 grain and 100 grain. We also received their serrated blade BuzzCut in 100 grain.

After receiving the broadheads I was eager to try them out at different distances and with the equipment we use.

I tried both the Stinger and BuzzCut on some new Easton 2315 XX78 aluminum shafts. Using an arrow spin tester I tested the arrows and broadhead for wobble. Two of the six arrows wobbled at the tip, but after heating the insert and rotating the insert 360° the last two arrows were free of any wobble. The broadheads was perfect just as the folks at Magnus claimed they would be. The glue that held the insert in place that was the issue on two arrows, but with a little effort, the issue was corrected and the broadheads spun perfectly.

I headed to the yard for a field test of the arrows flight while tipped with a Stinger and a BuzzCut. The arrows were right on the mark. I continued shooting and after a dozen shots, at different distances, I found no problems with the Stingers and BuzzCuts hitting in the same spot as my field point tipped arrows. Tammy, my wife, placed an 85-grain Stinger on her Beman ICS 400s; they spun wobble free and the point of impact was also the same as her field point tipped arrows. We had no doubt at this point that we would discover the same positive results when we tipped an Easton Redline 690 with an 85-grain broadhead for our son to shoot. The first 3 shots from his Browning Micro Midas were right on the mark at 15, 20, and 25 yards.

Archery season rolled around and we were out hunting and couldn’t wait to use the Magnus Broadheads.

The first morning I sat in my ground blind eager to send a new Magnus broadhead into the chest cavity of an animal.

Shortly after sunrise it happened...I delivered a shaft to my quarry, a 60-pound hog, 15 yards away and broadside. The Magnus BuzzCut blew threw the hog without any problems! I was pleased with the performance of the BuzzCut…this broadhead left a huge blood trail from point of impact to the final resting spot of the hog.

A few weeks later I took my first deer with a 50# recurve. The carbon arrow tipped with a Magnus Stinger blew through the rib gage of the deer and she only ran 40 yards before falling over dead. The harvests didn’t stop there. My rare trophy, a melanistic buck, was taken in Nov. with a Stinger and well as an older 7 point. The BuzzCuts finished off the season by killing a couple more does.

Tammy took two does this year and her first javelina with the 85-grain broadheads. This little head did an excellent job in bringing down both her deer and her very first javelina.

In all shots these broadheads were flawless. All broadheads left heavy blood trails, the main/bleeder blades sharpened with little effort after their use and all one broadhead was reusable. As far as I’m concerned they have passed the ultimate test…they are deadly on game.

There is no doubt that Magnus Broadheads are the top of the line Cut on Contact broadhead! I highly recommend these heads for anyone that is looking for a quality broadhead to use out of traditional archery equipment, high speed compounds, low poundage bows, etc.
Truly Magnus broadheads are some of the best-made broadhead on the market today and I recommend them to anyone looking for a quality hunting broadhead.

Why? Because they are razor sharp out of the package, cut on contact, they spin true, have replaceable blades or they can be hand sharpened, 2 or 4 bladed, the bleeder blades are not flimsy thin steel, they come in a variety of weights, they are strong, and they fly superb! On top of that there is a Lifetime Guarantee these broadheads. What else can an archer ask for in a broadhead?

I can’t wait to give the new Snuffer SS (stainless steel) broadheads and to use them with my traditional archery equipment.

Visit Magnus at www.magnusbroadheads.com to see the full line of broadheads offered.

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