First  Deer of the 2003 Season
December 3, 2003

I finally connected... After a round of not getting anything Friday was a good morning.  
Of course it started off very nice and it was cold! It's about time that some cool weather settled in, at least for one morning.  I saw a lot of deer and a couple of good "shooters".
I had 7 does under my stand and decided to take one. I was able to get drawn back before being seen.
All the deer were pleasantly eating and very relaxed...I aim and release.
I don't know what happened but I MISSED. Right under her chest the fletching must of hit her because she jumped straight up in the air, kicked the arrow and bolted.

Well, all of them bolted. They ran out about 50 yards and stopped.
I grabbed another arrow and decided that the hunt was not over at that time...
After nocking another arrow a young 7 point jumps the fence and enters the same area where I just shot.
He sniffs the air and walks around. He finds his way to the fence just feet from the feeder.
As he is about to jump the fence to head to the feeder I draw, pick a spot and opened the fingers to release.

TWACK...quartering away, a little high but a good downward angle.
He rolls over the fence breaking a old cedar post, cuts through some small cedars and back to the
pasture but not before diving into the fence again.
As he flings himself over the fence he stumbles, wipes-out...He makes a fast dash for about 100 yards and tries
to jump across a fence but stretches the wire and out of sight he goes.
I knew it was a good hit but I was going to wait about an hour before going to pick him up.
I called Tammy and she brought the Schnauzer (Sophie) to do a practice track...
which she did okay, she has had better days.
She got to the deer and went ballistic.
We loaded up the deer and the work began.